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Foods to Avoid Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, many things must be done more carefully. One of them is eating. The reason is, there are some foods that should be avoided by pregnant women because they have the potential to endanger the health of the unborn child. Completing nutritional needs during pregnancy must be done to keep the fetus healthy and can grow well. Whatever is consumed by pregnant women will affect the fetus in the womb. There are foods that are useful for fetal growth and development, but there are also foods that actually endanger the health of the fetus, so it needs to be avoided by pregnant women. List of Foods to Avoid Pregnant Women Although pregnant women are encouraged to consume various types of food, not all foods may be consumed by pregnant women. The following are some types of food and drinks that need to be avoided by pregnant women: 1. Milk or cheese that has not been pasteurized Pasteurization is a heating process that functions to kill bacteria in food or drink, without da
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Is it safe for pregnant women to use anti-mosquito lotion

There are various diseases that can be transmitted through mosquito bites. To avoid mosquito bites, anti-mosquito lotion can be an option. However, whether anti-mosquito lotion is used by pregnant women? Moreover, pregnant women are known to be more vulnerable to mosquito bites. Pregnant women are more often disturbed by mosquito bites. This is because the frequency of breathing of pregnant women tends to increase, thereby removing more carbon dioxide, which makes mosquitoes interested. In addition, an increase in body temperature can also be a factor in pregnant women vulnerable to mosquito bites. Safety of Anti-Mosquito Lotion for Pregnant Women Basically, anti-mosquito lotion is safe to use while pregnant. Using anti-mosquito lotion is useful to prevent pregnant women from various diseases carried by mosquitoes, such as Zika disease or dengue fever. However, Bumil needs to choose the right anti mosquito lotion. Pay attention to the ingredients in anti-mosquito lotion. Safe l

Want To Make Breasts Firm and Solid, This Is The Way

A woman would want to have tight and dense breasts to make it look more attractive. Check out a simple way to make breasts firm and dense that you can practice at home. There are various ways you can do to get breasts tight and dense. Starting from certain sports movements that are believed to tighten the breasts, using special creams, to perform operations to tighten the breasts. Tighten the breasts with mastopexy surgery is indeed faster to give results compared to exercise. But keep in mind, the operation has a considerable risk, and requires no small cost. Tight and Dense Breasts with Sports Well, if you want to tighten the breasts without side effects, you can do it by exercising, because it will provide more health benefits. Some of the movements below are believed to make breasts tight and dense: Push ups Not too difficult, but also not too easy. This movement you can do without the need for tools and can reliably tighten the chest, because one of the muscles that ar